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Virtual Learning Details

Broadcasting live online since 2005.

  All of our Excel virtual learning sessions are broadcast live, hands-on, and cover industry topics.

At a quick glance.

In our virtual classes, we create a classroom like environment where you can talk with the instructor and ask the questions you need solved. They can also see your class work with your permission and help you solve errors.

See What You Master
Onsite Classes Designed for Your Problems

Live, hands-on, talk to your instructor training.

  • You will be working live virtually with an Excel instructor typing the problems as they do.
  • You will be able to talk to them at any time during the instruction.
  • They can see your computer and guide you through problems (with your permission).
  • We limit our class size so we can discuss your problems in class and build examples around them.
Live, Hands-On, Virtual Training
Cisco Webex

We use WebEx in our virtual learning.

  • To use WebEx on your computer requires you to perform a simple download (it does not usually effect security).
  • Be sure and download WebEx a few days before the class, not 10 minutes before it starts.
  • If you cannot download it, give us a call and we will try to help you.
  • You can download WebEx directly from their website at www.webex.com >.

We can reach your company anywhere at anytime.

  • Our Excel virtual learning allows us to train a company anywhere in the world.
  • When performing virtual onsites, we can integrate different facilities in different locations.
  • We can also match your time zone for onsite broadcasts, contact EMAGENIT at 805.498.7162 for more details.
  • Note that the class list above is for our Public classes, consult our Onsite page for all our classes.
Anywhere at Anytime Online
Talking Gear to Use

How we communicate and talking gear.

  • When taking our virtual learning, we use Webex to talk to our attendees.
  • To use Webex, make sure your computer has good speakers and a microphone.
  • Computer built-in microphones and speakers will usually do the job.
  • If you do not have a mic, a $10 - $30 microphone will do the trick.
  • Same goes for speakers.

We use conference calling.

  • You can call into a conference line and join us if your computer does not have a microphone or speakers.
  • We can also call into your conference line if performing an onsite.
  • Please let EMAGENIT know before hand if you have to use the conference line.
Conference Calling
Use another computer and projector

Use a projector to view the virtual learning.

  • This eliminates having to toggle back and forth between WebEx and Excel on your computer.
  • This creates a classroom like atmosphere and works well for groups in meeting rooms.
  • Just log the other computer into our WebEx session and let us know.
  • If using another computer, turn its speakers and microphone off to prevent feed back.

Use 2 monitors to view the class.

  • You can use another monitor and hook it up to your computer through it's HDMI port.
  • You can use a modern flat screen TV and hook it up to your computer through it's HDMI port.
  • This way you can use one monitor to view the WebEx session and the other screen for your Excel work.
Use a Monitor
View all of our Excel virtual classes

USA broadcast times for public training.

  • We broadcast our virtual learning at the same time as our public classes.
  • We hold our classes at 9:00 AM CT which can accommodate the PT, MT, and ET time zones comfortably.
  • When we have attendees from different time zones, we will try to take strategic breaks for all involved and set the class lunch time accordingly.
  • View our training schedule >
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