About EMAGENIT and our Excel services.

Not your ordinary Microsoft Excel training company. We specialize in showing you how to supercharge Excel's abilities and solve your problems quickly.


Excel training philosophy and our name.

Our philosophy is simple, we look at Excel like a piece of clay that can be quickly molded into what your imagination thinks up. We like to push it to its limit and help businesses create useful tools and solve those tough problems. We always strive to make our classes easy to understand, yet challenge your abilities and expand your knowledge of Excel's capabilities.

Our name is derived from the word Imagine-It. But as luck would have it, you can't trademark that name so we came up with our name and it is pronounced as "E-mag-in-it". It allows us to go in different business directions like training, programming, manuals, and ?

New ways of Excel thinking.

EMAGENIT has over 25 years of Excel training experience that can help show you new horizons on how to think and construct things in Excel. Excel components can be assembled in minimal time to make incredibly versatile problem solving tools.

When customers take our Excel training, many times it is not only to solve a problem or make a report, it is also to focus on a look. Our Excel training will show you how to develop looks for your Excel tools along with the brains that will get your projects noticed.

In our training, we focus on the small details that you need to know in Excel that other training never discusses. We not only explain the Excel steps for some task, we explain why you are doing it, how it fits into the big picture, and how it can be exploited.

Excel VBA Modeling Simulation
In our Excel training, we not only show you how to use Excel program elements independently, we also show you how to combine them to solve your specific problem. Simple or complex, we have you covered. In the example above, a simulation is taking place in Excel VBA to produce the results seen in the time area. Excel VBA is also used to control what is seen on the chart when moving the scrollbar. The drawing shapes are dynamically connected to formulas that read the time table and figure out what time index is being displayed.
Excel Chart ActiveX Dashboard
A lot of what EMAGENIT does in consulting is taking what a customer has and make it more capable, organized, easy to upgrade, and adaptable to changing data. We are also tasked with making the end Excel tool look high tech. In the example above, charts are used to read machine output data every hour from a SQL Server database. Formatted shapes have been used to enhance the charts and also to dynamically link to machine values and display them. Conditional formatting is used to color the Alert area based on per hour values.

Supercharge your Excel projects.

Our Excel consulting covers projects that you have already started and need enhanced, that you need to get started on and do not know how to, or just need help on. By using our industry tested Microsoft Excel knowledge, your staff will not waste time and resources investigating topics that we already know and have used for many years.

We also provide a life time guarantee on all of our Excel consulting so if something goes wrong down the road from our fault, we will always fix it.

In addition to enhancing your Excel projects, we can also provide instruction on how we did it turning it into a class. Many companies have used this strategy to help jump start their Excel projects quickly and bring their staff up to speed.

Innovative Excel software design.

Using Excel and VBA, we can build software for you that outperforms and does more than existing programs on the market at a fraction of the cost. We build Excel software for all industry types that spans data processing to payroll to dashboards. We build all of our software at EMAGENIT in the USA, it is never farmed out over seas.

When VBA is not enough, we can couple Excel VBA with other programming languages like VB.NET, C Sharp, Fortran, ASP, JavaScript and HTML. We can connect you to the web, databases, virtually anything using these tools combined with Excel.

We can also use VBA to automate Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to build unbelievably powerful report generation devices for your Excel projects.

Excel VBA Report
In the VBA example above, VBA is being used to sync an evaluation based worksheet tool with an SQL database. When the user logs in, Excel VBA pulls down associate data and builds the icons on the right side. Green shading means the evaluation has been completed, yellow means it has been started and white means nothing has been done. The user merely clicks on the icon to see the evaluation data on the left. When the form is filled out, the Calculate button is clicked and Excel VBA calculates the score.
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