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Excel VBA App Design Manual for Engineers and Scientists

Excel VBA App Design

Covers the Excel VBA topics needed to design powerful UI driven data processing, analysis, modeling, and database tools.

  • Contains our complete Excel VBA write-up covering fundamental to advanced Excel VBA topics.
  • Discusses how to create event driven interfaces using VBA, userforms, ActiveX controls, charts, and worksheets
  • Covers key topics including multi-folder / workbook data processing; automated models; controlling databases; and automating Solver / Analysis Toolpak.
  • 1000's of lines of useful code, 100's of real world examples, and the proven strategies we use to develop Excel VBA software.

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What's in our manual.

Our Excel VBA manual shows you from an engineering / science perspective how to create advanced UI driven data / calculation tools, system models, and database tools.

It covers the fundamentals of Excel VBA like using object, properties and methods; how to use logic, loops, variables and the worksheet to develop data processing tools; automated chart construction; and building UDFs and Sub procedures.

It also covers advanced topics like accessing data on multiple worksheets and in multiple workbooks, commanding userforms and ActiveX controls, developing event driven apps, controlling Windows folders and files, communicating with other programs and databases, and reading text files. The manual also discusses unique topics like automating Solver, large scale system model development and how to develop automated technical diagrams in Excel. It also discusses how to package your tools in different Excel configurations and files and how to develop your own custom Ribbon tabs.

Excel VBA App Design Examples

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Key Excel VBA topics covered in the manual.

Manual specs.

For:Engineers and Scientists
Format:ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details:Covers beginning to advanced Excel VBA topics
Book:1500+ pages with examples
Platform: Windows 7 and above
Sent:Sent within 3 hr after purchase Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT
Versions: Excel 2013 for Windows and above
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