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Excel VBA Handbook for Engineers and Scientists

Excel VBA Handbook

Covers how to use Excel VBA to perform essential tasks like automated calculations, data processing, charting, and reporting.

  • Explains in detail how to use the Excel VBA language, VBA Editor, and VBA modules and perform code debugging.
  • Covers how to control key Excel elements with VBA like workbooks, worksheets, ranges, shapes, formats, functions, and Excel's data tools.
  • Shows how to use Excel VBA to perform tasks like copying / pasting data; automating calculations; creating / formatting reports; and building charts.
  • 1000's of lines of useful code, over 100 real world examples, and the proven strategies we use to develop Excel VBA software.

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What's in our manual.

Our manual covers how to use the VBA language and the essential Excel VBA topics needed for solving engineering and science problems.

It explains in detail the VBA fundamentals you need to know to start writing high powered macros. Topics include how to use data types, variables, constants, arrays, operators, expressions, loops, logic, and functions in your code. Also covered is a complete review of the VBA Editor, how to debug your code, and how to use the different types of modules. There is also an in depth discussion about objects, properties, and methods and how to type and use them in your code.

The manual also covers how to use VBA to control key Excel components like workbooks, worksheets, ranges, charts, formats, formulas, shapes...,etc. It also covers how to automate key Excel data features like PivotTables, Sort, AutoFilter, Excel Tables...,etc.

Important VBA engineering / science topics covered include problem formulation on the worksheet, automating calculations, modeling, data processing, report table construction, custom worksheet functions (UDFs), and building UIs to run your programs. It uses real engineering and science examples that show you how to start building Excel VBA macros right away.

Excel VBA Handbook Examples

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Key Excel VBA topics covered in the manual.

Manual specs.

For:Engineers and Scientists
Format:ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details:Covers beginning to intermediate Excel VBA topics
Book:1000+ pages with examples
Platform: Windows 7  and above
Sent:Sent within 3 hr after purchase Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT
Versions: Excel 2013 for Windows and above
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