Microsoft Excel for Engineers and Scientists - Class

Use Excel’s hidden capabilities to rapidly assemble engineering and science tools. Learn to harness Excel's formulas, functions, charting, and UI abilities to build powerful problem solving tools. Includes how to create custom worksheet functions using LAMBDA and VBA.

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Microsoft Excel for Engineers and Scientists Training

Explore Excel's untapped potential in engineering and science.

Class overview.

Our 1-day class shows you hands-on the essential Excel skills needed to assemble a wide variety of problem solving tools that can be rapidly scaled and upgraded.

From laying out problems and passing data between worksheets; to building calculations using formulas, functions, lookups, and logic; to building adaptive interfaces, displays, and charts; to building your own custom worksheet functions using LAMBDA or VBA; our class covers a wide range of must know Excel topics.

Join us and our class will show you the design strategies, assembly methods, and Excel features that you can use to quickly solve a variety of engineering and science problems.

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Some key topics we cover in class.

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Prerequisites for our Excel training.

Class syllabus, training, and price options.

Class syllabus.

How we run the class: We focus our training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.
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Key Formula Topics, Using Names, and Problem Setup on the Worksheet

How to Create Excel and Worksheet Tables to Store and Filter Data

Using Key Excel Worksheet Functions in Engineering and Science Problems

How to Build Worksheet UIs and Dynamic Displays for Your Problems

How to Lookup Table Data, Interpolate, and Toggle Tables in Formulas

Creating Logic to Control Your Worksheet Calculations

Building and Formatting Engineering / Science Charts

How to Create Custom Worksheet Functions Using LAMBDA and VBA

Class time, manual, and repeats.

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