Microsoft Excel-Aided Engineering and Science Manual

Microsoft Excel-Aided Engineering/Science Self Study

Our "all in one" Excel manual for engineering and science that covers everything we know.

Over 2200 + pages of formulas, modeling, data processing, charting, data integration, dashboards along with our complete Excel VBA write up, it's everything we know.

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Microsoft Excel Manual Specifics

For: Engineers and Scientists
Format: ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details: Covers beginning general Excel to advanced Excel VBA topics, everything from all of our manuals
Book: 2200 + pages with examples
Platform: Windows 7 - Windows 10
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Versions: Excel for Windows 2010-2019, Microsoft 365

Manual Introduction. This all in one self study manual covers fundamental Excel concepts along with the advanced Excel topics needed for creating adaptable, problem solving engineering and science Excel tools.

The first half of the manual covers fundamental Excel topics like workbook and worksheet operation, cell data entry, worksheet formatting, formula design, cell naming, worksheet functions, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, table design, sorting, filtering, using Excel tables, PivotTable design, technical chart creation and linking Excel with other programs like Word and PowerPoint. The advanced topics covered include data integration using Power Query and MS Query, designing reports that adapt to changing data, integrating design teams, creating advanced array formulas, performing design optimization using Solver, advanced modeling, and creating state of the art dashboards. Our manual also covers unique advanced topics like solving numerical techniques on the worksheet including linear systems, Runge Kutta, Newton's method, integration, differentiation and boundary value problems.

The second half of the manual includes everything we know about using Excel VBA in engineering and science, from the fundamentals to the most advanced topics we have encountered, from data processing to designing advanced interfaces. The topics are so broad, we refer you to the book outline below for all the details.

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Learning Module 1: Creating, Opening, Saving Workbooks; Controlling Workbook Views; Using the Ribbon and Using Help

Learning Module 2: Using Microsoft Excel in Engineering and Science

Learning Module 3: Formatting, Formula Construction, Data Analysis, Problem Formulation and Construction Methods for the Excel Worksheet

Learning Module 4: Creating Technical Charts and Chart Reports in Excel

Learning Module 5: VBA Editor and Module Basics

Learning Module 6: VBA Language Review | Controlling Key Excel Elements with VBA

Learning Module 7: VBA Function Procedure Design

Learning Module 8: VBA Sub Procedure Design

Learning Module 9: Using Events, ActiveX Controls, Userforms and VBA to Create Advanced Program Interfaces

Learning Module 10: Calling Fortran DLLs from Excel VBA

Learning Module 11: Team Linking in Excel

Learning Module 12: Packaging Team Tools in Excel

Learning Module 13: Commanding Databases and Other Applications Using VBA

Learning Module 14: Integrating VB.Net and VBA (Coming Soon)

Learning Module 15: Design Optimization in Excel Using Solver

Learning Module 16: Constructing Large System Models in Excel

Learning Module 17: Microsoft Excel Dashboard Design

Learning Module 18: Using MS Query and Power Query to Query External Data

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