Excel VBA app design for industry.

Spending hours on Excel tasks? With Excel VBA, we can design software that solves your problems in seconds.

Microsoft Excel Software Design

How our expert macro design will help your business.

Excel Macro Software Design

Excel VBA is a time saving software design environment that will save your business money when developing software. With its versatility and speedy construction capabilities, we can deliver a solution in just a few days, not weeks or months.

Because Excel program elements come pre-built, we save you a whole lot of money by not building them. We just arrange and automate them to solve your problem.

When we do need other capabilities, we can integrate other languages, databases, the web, and programs like Outlook to get your project done.

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Common projects we automate with Excel VBA macros.

  • Formatting, calculating, parsing download data
  • Filling in forms, invoices, tables... with data
  • Payroll, time sheets, and financial reports
  • Multi-chart reports, dashboards, models, and visual displays
  • Database control, scanning workbooks and text files
  • Project management, inventory, and shipping tools
  • Commanding Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Engineering and science models and data tools
Excel VBA Reformat
The VBA app above formats, deletes rows / columns, and add formulas to a downloaded trial balance sheet saving hours of manual formatting. Design time: 1 day.
Excel VBA Status Display
The VBA app above imports QuickBooks data, calculates employee pay, then emails selected employees a PDF pay report via Outlook. Design time: 4 days.

Details about our VBA macro automation.

  • EMAGENIT works on custom Excel software projects of all size, difficulty, and duration.
  • A custom solution can be built using your existing project or from the ground up.
  • We work on non-macro Excel problems as well as projects that require automation using Excel, VBA, and other programs / languages if necessary.
  • Our design work also covers enhancing a project's looks, interfaces, and various forms.
  • We design our software to be rapidly scalable and upgradeable to fit your changing needs.

Where we build it, cost, and NDAs.

  • All of our Excel software construction is done by EMAGENIT personnel in the USA.
  • We do not farm out our projects to any other companies, individuals, or countries.
  • Your proprietary information always remains secure with us and we sign NDAs.
  • We do not store your data or project in any cloud.
  • Since we're US based, you do not have to call us at 12:00 AM to talk with us (unless you want to).
  • We provide you with a fixed cost for your Excel software and you own it at the end.
Excel VBA Dashboard
The VBA app above auto draws a factory floor diagram, tracks the bay a product is in, and transfers a product from bay to bay while updating an Access database. Design time: 4 days.
Excel VBA Time Sheet
The VBA app above fuses data from 100's of workbooks, builds the table, and color codes statuses based on date. It also flags incorrect data entries. Design time: 3 days.

Other capabilities we incorporate in our VBA macro designs.

  • Web and database downloads
  • Text files
  • Databases like SQL server, Access, Oracle...
  • VB.Net, CSharp, Fortran, Perl, MacScript...
  • Web pages using VB.NET, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ASPX, ADO.NET...
  • Web based charts
  • Word, PowerPoint, Outlook...
  • Basically if it can be tied into VBA or Excel, we'll use it.

You Dream It Up, We'll Build It!

Excel VBA Wing Design
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