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From simple projects to the most advanced Excel VBA automation, we cover it all.

  • We cover any type of Excel project that can be done, small or large.
  • We cover all of industry including engineering & science.
  • All of our software development is done in the USA at EMAGENIT.
  • We also automate Word, PowerPoint, Outlook,...etc.
  • Our software development also covers databases and multi-language programming.
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No project to small or large for our expert Excel VBA programming.

EMAGENIT works on custom Excel software projects of all size, difficulty, duration, and disciplines. Our Excel tool design covers the most basic of Excel tasks up to projects that can take a few months or years to develop. We develop simple Excel software apps like forms, dashboards, models, and reports that are formula driven and connect to things like databases, text files, and workbooks.

On the full automation side, we develop Excel VBA apps that automate repetitive Excel tasks as well software covering advanced modeling, data processing, and dashboard style projects that incorporate databases, the web and even multiple computer languages. We have been creating custom Excel software since 1998 for companies and organizations like NASA, BMW, Caterpillar, Spectrum, The US Navy and Los Alamos. If you can dream it up, we will figure out a way to build it for you.

Microsof Excel VBA Software Design

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The Excel software apps above are two very common tool types we build for our customers. The first report app type usually processes downloads from things like QuickBooks, time card programs, and various banks, reconfigures the data, processes it, and then produces a report or reports in a new workbook. The second project app type usually rips through hundreds of workbooks automatically building the table and color coding project statuses based on the information that it reads.

Excel apps built and designed in the USA.

All of our Excel VBA programming is done by EMAGENIT personnel in the USA. We do not farm out our coding to any other company or individuals. In other words, your valuable information stays with only one source, us, and that means your proprietary information always remains secure and under a NDA. And since we are USA based, our work hours coincide with yours which means you do not have to call us at 11:00 PM at night.

Built in USA Excel Software Design

We use other programs, languages, and databases in our Excel software design.

In addition to Excel and VBA, we also use other Office products like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook in our Excel app tools. We can also integrate other computer languages, the web, and databases into our Excel software designs to help get the job done. By using Excel and VBA in combination with other languages and products, Excel tools can be rapidly developed that rival commercial software for a fraction of the cost; if you know how to build them. We do.

Other Programming Tools Used in Excel Software Design

Data Processing and Data Analytics Software

Excel VBA allows these macro programs to be rapidly designed with minimum cost and time.

Microsoft Excel and VBA have the capability to process and analyze data from all different types of data sources and data configurations. Using VBA along with the Excel worksheet, high powered data processing systems can be developed in minimum time and with minimum cost. The type of data tools we can build include:

Excel Software Design Data Processing

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In the sample Excel software app above,  Excel VBA is being used to read downloaded workbooks by date; fuse pricing, description information and downloaded data in a new table in a new workbook; compute the sales; and create a Pivot Table for a final report. To build the report, the user clicks on the folder icons on the worksheet interface to set the data and report output folders. When Build Report is clicked, Excel VBA displays a custom userform that allows the date range of the report to be selected before building. This Excel tool is typical of the data tools that EMAGENIT creates for its customers.

Data Fusion Software

Excel VBA can be used to fuse workbook, text file and database data cheaply and seamlessly.

One of the biggest problems facing business today is that their data is spread out over multiple data sources that do not talk to each other. The solution is not to build another data source and try to import everything into which by the way never works out as billed. The better way is to integrate what you have and get it talking to each other. Excel VBA along with the worksheet again can be utilized to read and integrate data from different data sources that can then be used for various exports, reports and dashboards. The data fusion Excel software we can build includes:

Excel Software Design Data Fusion

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In the sample Excel software app above, Excel VBA is being used in a worksheet-based dashboard to fuse information being stored in an SQL database, workbooks and text file. An Excel VBA userform is used to display the data source's status and path settings. The user selects the dashboard view via the drops downs and Excel VBA is used to populate and reformat the various data patterns, as necessary. We usually suggest to our customers, maybe the best approach is not to build the mythical all in one data storage, but to work with what you have and pull the data sources together.

Data Mining, Data Formatting, Data Correction Software

Excel VBA can be used to create data tools that can be rapidly reconfigured for changing data.

The condensed definition of data mining is defined as the process of detecting patterns in data. While this is a very broad field with many areas, Excel VBA and the worksheet shine at detecting patterns in data and then processing the data based on those patterns. It is the worksheet structure itself and its "built-in" tools that really makes it happen. In addition to data mining, Excel VBA can also be used to correct bad data and format report data in complex data configurations. The data tools we can build in this area includes:

Excel Software Design Data Fusion
In the sample Excel software app above, Excel VBA is being used to format, delete information and add formulas to a downloaded balance sheet. An Excel VBA userform is being used to run the format programs to allow ease of selection. The userform and Excel VBA code is stored in an Excel file called an add-in which can be opened in Excel invisibly thus making it look and feel like part of Excel. The tool is controlled from its own tab in the Excel Ribbon. Our customers often refer to these Excel tool types as "magic buttons" as they save precious time that is wasted when repeatedly formatting and modifying downloaded reports from NetSuite, QuickBooks, Banks,...etc.

Report Generation Software

Excel VBA can be used to build automated report tools that connect with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook...etc.

Microsoft Excel coupled with VBA is an incredible report environment with the capabilities to make all different types of report formats. Using VBA along with charts, the worksheet, formulas, PivotTables, pictures and drawing shapes, your imagination is pretty much the limit of what report type can be generated. VBA can also be used to transfer data to a variety of other programs including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook... basically anything that VBA can command. The report types we can build for your data include:

Excel Software Design Report Generation
In the sample Excel software app above, Excel VBA is being used to build charts on a worksheet from multi-workbook stored data, then copying and pasting them into PowerPoint. The user interface for the Excel VBA program is based on a worksheet and allows the user to select the folder that stores the workbook data and the folder that stores the PowerPoint report template. It also allows the user to select what type of report is being generated and the date range to use. It cannot be overstated that using Excel VBA along with Word or PowerPoint is an unbelievably powerful report generation environment not easily matched.
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