Interfacing Excel VBA with Fortran Self-Study Manual

The complete self-study manual you need to write and compile Fortran DLL's for use with Excel VBA. Combine the speed of Fortran with the GUI and data processing abilities of Excel and VBA to produce lightning fast apps.

Interfacing Excel VBA with Fortran

Covers everything on running Fortran from VBA plus our complete Excel VBA write up for modeling, data processing, and GUIs.

About the manual.

Interfacing Excel VBA with Fortran

Our self-study manual covers everything you need to know about creating Fortran DLLs and running them from Excel VBA GUIs, data tools, and models. Over 1500 hours of Fortran / Excel VBA research have gone into assembling this manual.

Specifically, our manual documents the Excel VBA / Fortran calling rules in detail. These rules include compiler directives, Declare statements, argument list design, and argument data typing.

Our manual also includes our complete write-up on our beginning through advanced Excel VBA topics. Topics include GUI design, data processing methods, model construction, and automated chart design.

  • Learn to design Fortran DLLs, Excel VBA calling rules, and VBA Declare statements that access them.
  • Learn to pass strings, arrays, numbers, Booleans, user types, dates, and complex numbers to Fortran from Excel VBA.
  • Learn to design VBA code that iterates through workbooks, text files, and databases and then use the data in Fortran.
  • Learn to design worksheets to store Fortran program parameters, array data, and use VBA to rapidly pass them to Fortran.
  • Learn to design event driven worksheets, userforms, charts, and shapes and turn them into high-tech GUIs for legacy Fortran programs.
  • Learn to design worksheet based models that run Fortran and various numerical methods.

What you will learn in our manual.

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Fully documented example problems.

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Some detailed manual topics.

Manual specifications and download.

For:Engineers and Scientists
Format:ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details:Covers creating Fortran DLLs, Fortran programming rules, and beginning to advanced Excel VBA
Book:1600+ pages with over a 100 fully documented examples
Platform:Windows 7 and above
Download:Sent within 3 hrs after purchase Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT
Versions:Excel 2013 for Windows and above


Buy the manual now and apply its price to a class later. Just type your transaction # in the comments when purchasing a class.

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