Creating Advanced Excel VBA Apps Manual

Advanced Excel Apps Manual

Covers the fundamental to advanced VBA topics needed to design powerful UI driven Excel tools.

  • Key topics include multi-source data processing, events, reporting, userform / ActiveX controls, databases, and text files.
  • Includes using Excel VBA to command Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Windows folders.
  • Over 1500+ pages of Excel VBA topics.
  • 100's of examples like the ones below.

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Manual specs.

For: Everybody
Format: ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details: Covers beginning to advanced Excel VBA topics
Book: 1500+ pages with examples
Platform: Windows 7 - Windows 10
Sent: Sent within 3 hr after purchase Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM PT
Versions: Excel for Windows 2010-2019, Microsoft 365

Manual Introduction. Our Microsoft Excel VBA self study manual covers the Excel VBA topics which enable you to develop advanced data processing, reporting, database, and dashboard apps.

It reviews the key Excel VBA programming fundamentals which are used at the core of advanced Excel VBA project construction.

It covers advanced VBA data processing topics like multi worksheet/workbook data processing; reading and writing to text files; commanding and controlling the Windows folder and file system; and looping through and scanning workbooks for data in multiple folders. It also covers essential data processing topics like tracking and finding data and using loops and logic to shift through complex data patterns.

Our manual discusses advanced report generation showing how to control external applications like Word and PowerPoint from Excel. It also covers how to control Microsoft Access and SQL driven databases.

Our manual also covers advanced program interface construction using userforms, ActiveX controls and events; and advanced dashboard construction using charts, ActiveX controls, worksheets, events and drawing shapes. It will show you how to take your Excel applications to new heights.

Creating Advanced Excel VBA Apps Examples
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Actual Manual Problems

* Our learning modules below come from our all-in-one manual: The Complete Excel Manual >

Learning Module 12: VBA Editor and Module Basics

Learning Module 13: VBA Language Review | Controlling Key Excel Elements with VBA

Learning Module 14: VBA Function Procedure Design

Learning Module 15: VBA Sub Procedure Design

Learning Module 16: Using Events, ActiveX Controls, Userforms and VBA to Create Advanced Program Interfaces

Learning Module 17: Commanding Databases and Applications Using VBA

Price: $110.00

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