Microsoft Excel training for the US Military and Veterans.

Providing Excel training for the US Military, active-duty personnel, and veterans since 1998.

Excel Military Onsite Classes and Veterans Training

Our onsite Excel mission for the US Military.

Boost Microsoft Excel Training

Our mission is to provide innovative Excel onsite training for areas like administration, inventory, battlespace analysis, and weapons testing & design. Our 25 years of Excel training and software design experience can show how to leverage Excel's "off the shelf" features for a variety of tasks.

We can show how to quickly assemble Excel's various elements to create tools that can be rapidly scaled and upgraded in hours. Our training can also show how to use Excel VBA to develop powerful software apps that can tackle everything from task automation to weapons design.

Excel training discount for US Military personnel and veterans.

EMAGENIT provides a 20% product discount for all active-duty personnel and veterans. *Discount cannot be combined with other offers.

To receive the discount, you can call us directly at 1.805.498.7162 to purchase a product.

You can also make a note of your service in our checkout form's comments section, and we'll refund the difference.

US Veterans Excel Training
US DOD Military Onsites

US Military and DOD Excel onsites and discounts.

EMAGENIT has a 25+ year legacy of training all the US military branches.

We provide a 20% discount for all Excel onsite training at US military bases and DOD facilities.

To purchase an Excel onsite from us, please call us directly at 1.805.498.7162. If making an inquiry, you can contact us via form or call us.

Links to our various onsite classes are listed below.

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General Excel training for the US Military and DOD.

Please Note: Our Excel classes can be taught as is (see video on the class pages) or with a specific military focus.

General Excel training (non-VBA) provides the US military with the ability to rapidly perform tasks and design a variety of tools.

Our training can be readily applied to finance, administration, logistics, inventory, HR, testing, battlespace analysis...etc.

Tools can be developed that automate reports; process, display, and fuse data; monitor inventory; and much more.

Excel Classes Business & Industry >, Excel Classes Engineering & Science >

Military General Excel Training
Excel Military Dashboards

Excel dashboard design for the US military and DOD.

Please Note: Our Excel dashboard classes can be taught as is (see video on the class page) or with a specific military focus.

Excel provides a highly flexible design environment for the US Military to rapidly develop visual tools that fuse, process, and display data.

Our training covers how to quickly combine Excel features into various operational, strategic, tactical, test... displays.

It also discusses how to unleash its data processing and multi-data source fusion abilities.

Microsoft Excel Dashboards >

Excel VBA training for the US Military.

Please Note: Our Excel VBA classes can be taught as is (see video on the class pages) or with a specific military focus.

Our Excel VBA training provides the US military with the ability to rapidly build adaptive, scalable Excel apps.

These apps can automate repetitive tasks and also perform a variety of hi-tech data, calculation, visual, and fusion tasks.

Since VBA automates Excel's "built-in" capabilities, money and time is not wasted developing components that are already built.

Excel VBA Classes Business & Industry >, Excel VBA Classes Engineering & Science >

US Military Excel VBA
United States Air Force

EMAGENIT's Founder and the US Air Force.

EMAGENIT's founder and CEO, David Hooper, was a flight test engineer in the US Air Force C-17 combined test force at Edwards Air Force Base.

He was on the flying qualities team where he honed is Excel and Excel VBA skills in analyzing and processing flight test data.

Mr. Hooper has taught Excel at Edwards, Eglin, and Nellis Air Force Bases over the years as well as various other military bases while heading EMAGENIT.

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