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Advanced Excel VBA Design for Engineers / Scientists Class

Advanced Excel VBA Methods for Engineers and Scientists Training

Learn about Excel and VBA's extensive UI capabilities and create powerful interface driven data processing, modeling, and analysis apps.

  • Our 3-day class covers how to combine ActiveX controls, userforms, events, and VBA with other Excel elements to develop high-powered UIs.
  • It will show you how to use UIs to control things like calculations, models, dashboards, charts, trade studies, and data processing.
  • Other topics include controlling folders and files; scanning multiple workbooks / folders for data; text file reading and writing; controlling databases; and much more >.
  • Join us and our class will show you how to push Excel VBA to the redline and create advanced tools that will solve your toughest tasks.

Next Class: 10/26/2022

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No time to attend, get a manual instead.

  • Contains our complete Excel VBA write-up covering fundamental to advanced Excel VBA topics.
  • Discusses how to create event driven interfaces using VBA, userforms, ActiveX controls, charts, and worksheets
  • Covers key topics including multi-folder / workbook data processing; automated models; controlling databases; and automating Solver / Analysis Toolpak.
  • 1000's of lines of useful code, 100's of real world examples, and the proven strategies we use to develop Excel VBA software. Learn More >
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Push your Excel VBA skills to the redline.
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Key Excel VBA topics covered in class.

Advanced Excel VBA Preview

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Pricing and class options.

virtual learning

Online Virtual Learning

  • Price: $850.00
  • Live, hands-on, talk to the instructor training
  • Bring your own problems to class
  • Online Details >
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virtual learning

Public In-Person Learning

  • Price: $950.00
  • Live hands-on training
  • Bring your own problems to class
  • We can supply a computer
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corporate learning

Onsite Hands-On Learning

  • We come to you and solve your problems
  • We cover in person in the USA and Canada
  • We cover the world virtually using your time zone
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Detailed class syllabus.

How we run the class: We focus our training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.
Class Syllabus


Excel VBA Language, VBA Editor, and Object Review for Engineers and Scientists (Discussed Where Needed)

Using Excel VBA to Control Folders and Parameter / Data Workbooks

Advanced Model and Analysis Problem Construction, Trade Studies, and Solver Automation

Rapid Report Generation Using Excel's Data Tools and Excel VBA

Using Loops and Logic to Process Advanced Engineering / Science Data

Advanced Engineering / Science Chart Automation


Storing Your Program Settings in the Windows Registry

Creating Advanced UIs from Worksheets, Controls, Events, File / Folder Pickers, and Ribbon

Advanced UI Construction Using VBA Userforms, Controls, Events, and Add-Ins

Creating and Reading Engineering / Science Text Files with Excel VBA

Searching for Engineering / Science Data in Workbooks, Worksheets, and Folders


Advanced Diagram Automation for Engineers and Scientists

Advanced Excel VBA Dashboard Design for Engineers and Scientists

Advanced Status Tool Design for Engineers and Scientists

Using SQL and ADO to Control Databases, Text files, and Workbooks

Using Excel VBA to Automate PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook

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Excel VBA skills needed for the class.

Select this Excel VBA training if you or your group have:

  • Used the Excel VBA language in a basic capacity
  • Used variables, loops, and logic before and know how they basically operate
  • Used objects, properties, and methods before in code to control a program
  • Used Excel drawing shapes and built charts manually
  • Built basic worksheet formulas (=A1+A2) and used worksheet functions like SUM, Match, COUNTIF, COUNTA...
  • Used Excel's data processing tools like Autofilter, Sort, Remove Duplicates, and PivotTables

The class details.

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