Microsoft Excel training and VBA macro design.

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Our Excel training is all about those "little details".

Our Excel classes go beyond just the Excel mechanics, they cover the small Excel details that stop you cold on projects. They'll teach you new ways to use Excel that will revolutionize the way you create Excel projects and solve tasks.

Our Excel training also shows you how to think in Excel. It'll show you how to lay your problem out on the worksheet, then assemble the Excel elements to solve it.

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Adjustable Formula Construction
Excel Class Guide

Excel Class Guide

All of our Excel classes in one place so you can compare them. >

Excel Onsites

Excel Onsite Training

We can use your problems and train you in-person or live virtually. >

Excel Virtual

Excel Virtual Learning

Can't make a public class, try our live virtual classes full of tips and strategies. >

Excel In-Person

Excel In-Person Learning

You travel to us an take our hands-on, knowledge packed classes. >

Excel Self-Study Manuals

Excel Self-Study Manuals

All of our Excel self-study manuals loaded with Excel know how and examples. >

Excel Training Schedule

Training Schedule / Signup

Find our current Microsoft Excel in-person and virtual class dates and signup. >

Excel Form Construction

25 years of Excel software design = Real world Excel training.

All of our Excel classes fuse knowledge from our software design, meaning you learn what we use to solve problems. Throughout our software design experiences, we've seen a lot of tough problems, so we know what Excel elements to use to solve them.

Also in our training, we think on our feet and do not shy away from the tough Excel questions, we expect them. So join us today and see how to unleash Excel's full potential!

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Excel US Military and Veterans Training

Excel Training for US Military

Our training shows the US Military how to leverage industry proven Excel methods. >

Mars Rover Project

NASA JPL Excel VBA Project

See how we helped design Excel software for the NASA Mars Rover. >

EMAGENIT Excel YouTube Channel

EMAGENIT is on YouTube

Catch us on YouTube for Excel and VBA how to videos and tips. Updates weekly. >

Excel VBA macro design, no job to small or big.

No time to learn it in Excel? We can design a custom solution for you using Excel or Excel VBA.

We can take that 4-hour repetitive Excel task and solve it in seconds with VBA automation. Our software design also tackles hi-tech apps for business, industry, engineering, and science.

Best of all, we design all of our Excel software, no farming out, so your data and information always remains secure.

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Adjustable Formula Construction
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