Microsoft Excel training and software design.

  At EMAGENIT, we specialize in Excel training that makes your life easier and more productive.

Whether it's the Excel basics, crunching data, making reports, or hi-tech VBA apps, we'll guide you through it step-by-step. If you're strapped for time, we can also build Excel software for you.

Onsite Classes Designed for Your Problems

Our Excel training is all about the details.

Our hands-on Excel training focuses on the details that will save you time and effort in your workday tasks.

Since we've been doing this for over 24 years, we know the details you need. Our training covers the Excel fundamentals all the way to advanced Excel VBA topics for business & industry > and engineering & science >.

Excel Manuals

No time to learn it, we can build it.

No job to small or big. Our Excel software design automates everything from those repetitive 45 min Excel tasks to the ones that take weeks.

We also have Excel Add-Ins that automate those everyday Excel tasks that sap your time and sanity. Our software is always built in the USA by EMAGENIT staff.

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