Size of the Problem

Size of the Problem

Alyson's OT Toolbox.

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You did not sleep well last night, and you are tired at school

The school library is on fire

Your teacher is absent and you have a substitute teacher today

You didn’t get the color game piece you wanted

You are not feeling well today at school

Your pencil breaks while you are working

Your Chromebook stopped working during choice time

The tag on the clothes you are wearing in scratchy

Southern California experienced a 7.5 magnitude (very strong) earthquake

The class schedule has changed, no exercise time today

You forgot to bring your lunch to school

On the way to school, you had a minor (fender bender) car accident

You are playing a game with a friend, but you are losing

Your pet cat or dog is missing

You can’t find your only winter jacket at the end of school

Your pet is sick and needs to go to the Vet

You are playing a game with a friend but you are losing

You broke your arm falling off the slide at school

Your favorite eraser is missing at school

You don’t get your preferred color of paper for a craft project

You are at an assembly with loud singing and musical instruments

The internet is not working today at school

A wildfire is moving quickly in the hills behind the school

Due to inclement weather, recess and lunch will be inside

You are waiting for your turn on the swing when recess ends

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