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Public Training Location, Directions, Hotel Information and Activities for Thousand Oaks, CA

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We hold our public training events in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Provided below is information on our public training hotel. Also listed are close by airports, directions, restaurants and things to do around our area.

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Thousand Oaks, CA Information and Airports

EMAGENIT holds its public training workshops in scenic Thousand Oaks, CA. Thousand Oaks is located approximately 10 miles from the beach and about 30 miles west of Los Angeles, CA. Here is it's map location on Google maps: Location of Thousand Oaks, CA  >

Airports to Use:
While LAX airport is the crown jewel among airports (that's a joke),  we strongly recommend the use of Bob Hope airport. It is worth the couple of extra hundred dollars for most flights and the fact that it is not a nightmare to get to in traffic.

Thousand Oaks, CA Chamber of Commerce:

Restaurants, Things to Do, Movie Theatres

Good Restaurants to Visit:

Movie Theatres:

Things to Do:

Los Angeles Traffic Updates

LA is known for its world class traffic jams. Luckily Thousand Oaks is outside the main traffic corridors of LA. However, when traveling to and from airports and other parts of Southern California we recommend using to monitor traffic conditions. If traveling to and from any airport, on weekdays avoid the 7:30 AM -10:30 AM times and 3:30 to 7:00 PM times for flights. If you must travel at these times, leave at least 3:00 hrs of travel time (yes no joke to go about 40 miles to LAX, depends on the airport though) to get to an airport and 45 min to check in. On weekends, traveling to and from our airports is not difficult as long as you leave for the airport before 8:30 AM. If your flight leaves in late afternoon, then we suggest checking sigalert for freeway conditions.

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