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Microsoft Excel Consulting

Let us supercharge your existing Microsoft Excel project with our consulting, no job to small our large.

  • We cover all industries including business, engineering, and science.
  • We can improve the basics of your Excel project like layout, formulas, charts, displays, PivotTables...
  • We can incorporate Excel VBA automation in your existing Excel tools reducing tasks from days to seconds.

How our Microsoft Excel consulting works.

In our Microsoft Excel consulting, we review an existing Excel project, recommend better ways to do things and then upgrade the project with those recommendations. We can upgrade general Excel projects (non-VBA projects containing formulas, charts, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, logic,...) as well as the most advanced Excel VBA projects that incorporate databases, the web and multiple computer languages. In most of our Microsoft Excel consulting cases, our customers are trying to move away from a manual process in Excel that takes to much time and effort, and automate it using Excel VBA macros. This usually reduces the Excel task from hours to mere seconds. In our Excel consulting, we cover business, engineering and science projects.

Excel VBA Dashboard Consulting

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In the sample Excel tool above, the worksheet based dashboard allows date range, product and metric to be selected and displayed in charts. Excel VBA is used to search for the data in multiple workbook files, compile it, then redraw and format the charts with the new selections. The drawing shapes on the side react to the option buttons at the bottom. The dashboard reacts to changes in the interface. This type of dashboard is quite typical of the enhancements we do in our Excel consulting where we take charts and data done manually and enhance them programmatically using VBA.

We work on any Microsoft Excel consulting project, no job to small or large.

EMAGENIT works on Microsoft Excel consulting projects of all duration, size and type. Our Excel consulting covers Excel projects that can take a couple of hours to complete up to projects that can take a few months or years to complete. Our Excel consulting can help you take the time consuming Excel tasks like formatting data, rearranging data, summarizing data, charting, report construction... and automate it at the click of a button. It can also show you how to replace software that costs in the hundreds of thousands or has an expensive monthly fee, and replace it with Excel software that is a fraction of the cost and is adaptive, scalable and rapidly upgradeable. We have been providing Microsoft Excel consulting Est. 1998 for companies and organizations like BMW, NASA, USDA, WIC, NREL and Apple. Our Excel consulting covers topics in business, engineering and science. If you can dream it up, we will build it for you.

Excel Worksheet Form Consulting

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In the sample Excel tool above, Excel VBA is being used to sync an evaluation based worksheet tool with an SQL database. When the user logs in, Excel VBA pulls down associate data and builds the icons on the right side. Green shading means the evaluation has been completed, yellow means it has been started and white means nothing has been done. The user merely clicks on the icon to see the evaluation data on the left. When the form is filled out, the Calculate button is clicked and Excel VBA calculates the score. The buttons at the top control refresh and save. This simple form / Excel VBA / database tool demonstrates how our consulting can take a basic Excel form tool and quickly enhance it.

Our Excel consulting modifications are done in the USA.

All of our Microsoft Excel consulting modifications are built by EMAGENIT personnel in the USA. We do not use other companies or individuals in our Excel consulting modifications. Your valuable information stays with EMAGENIT and that means your proprietary information always remains secure and under a NDA. And since we are USA based, our work hours basically coincide with yours which means you do not have to call us at 11:00 PM at night.

Made in USA Excel Worksheet

What we can use in our Microsoft Excel consulting to get the job done.

We can build a custom Microsoft Excel consulting solution using only Excel and VBA components. We can also integrate Excel with other office products like Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook in our solutions. Our customers like to use Word and PowerPoint for report generation purposes and Outlook for automated report mailing. We can also tie into Google products. Our consulting can also use other programming languages, the web, and different types of databases including Microsoft Access, Oracle and SQL Server. If it can be tied into Excel in some manner, we use it. We call it hybrid software design, take the best of each tool and use it in an "off the shelf" manner according to its strengths. Saves time and whole lot of money.

Various Software Languages Used in Software Design

Microsoft Excel Consulting for Excel Data Processing Tools

Data processing knowledge that can turn your two week Excel endeavor into minutes.

Using Microsoft Excel and VBA, data processing tools can be rapidly developed that combine and process data from multiple workbooks and data sources into condensed reports.

On the non-VBA side, adaptive formulas, names and built-in tools like Power Query and Power Pivot can be used to develop smart report tools that a user drops data into and the report adapts automatically saving construction time. Formula based tools allow your personnel to easily edit and upgrade once they are built.

Using Excel VBA, high performance data tools can be developed that fuse data from hundreds of workbooks, text files and multiple databases at the click of a button generating charts, worksheet tables, worksheet forms, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations...etc. VBA can also be used to reorganize tables deleting columns, copying and pasting columns and performing supplementary calculations.

We can take your existing Excel data tools and make these enhancements to them in a minimum amount of time and cost compared to other software construction techniques.

Microsoft Excel Data Processing Consulting

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In the sample Excel tool above, Excel VBA is being used to sync two trial balance sheets flagging what is missing in one and placing it in the other. Both tables are reorganized, formatted and placed side by side in a new workbook worksheet. The worksheet based interface allows the user to select the data folders where the reports are downloaded and kept and what type of report to build. Reports can be manually selected or auto selected by most recent. When the report is built, it is automatically placed in a client folder. A lot of our Excel consulting involves taking manual processes like this one and reducing the task from 40 min to mere seconds.

We can train you on what we did in our Excel consulting.

In addition to just modifying your existing project, we can also provide training on those modifications showing you or your staff how we did it. They can be developed into a formal class where the upgrades serve as the core training. The modifications can also be discussed in a less formal way with EMAGENIT just reviewing what we did with you or your people and answering specific questions.

Excel Timeline Chart Consulting

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In the sample Excel worksheet above, a chart has been manipulated to display milestone like information. The table uses formulas to read another Excel table that is connected to an Access database. Normally this table would be hidden from view. These little charting tricks are what we routinely show our clients how to do in our Excel consulting.

Microsoft Excel Consulting for Excel Reporting Tools

Create incredible report tools quickly and affordably.

Microsoft Excel and VBA provide a superior report design environment possessing capabilities to generate a wide variety of report formats quickly and affordably.

With an array of tools including drawing shapes, pictures, formulas, charts, the worksheet, PivotTables, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation and Power Query; the types of reports that can be generated are diverse to say the least. Combine both Excel's and VBA's ability to tie into other programs like databases, Word, PowerPoint and the web, report generation becomes unsurpassed, basically your imagination.

Our Excel consulting can take your current Excel tools to new heights and enhance them with these capabilities turning them into report generating machines.

Excel VBA Report Tools Consulting

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In the sample Excel tool above, Excel VBA is used to pull parameter data from multiple workbooks to create the report on the right. The worksheet based interface allows a user to select a date range by week or date, compile the data from the workbooks averaging it, then build the chart report in a new workbook worksheet pictured on the right. The report when completed is saved and auto emailed through Outlook to specified recipients. Our Excel consulting routinely integrates Office products like Outlook, PowerPoint and Word with Excel VBA to build upgradeable, adaptable and easy to maintain report generation tools. When you leverage PowerPoint, Outlook and Word as reporting tools, most business staff already know how to use them.

Microsoft Excel Consulting for Excel Dashboards and Visual Tools

Visualize your data in amazing dashboards.

An area that both Excel and VBA absolutely transcends others programs is in dashboard construction. A little context here, EMAGENIT defines a dashboard as any type of visual display that conveys data to a user.

With Excel's built-in drawing shapes, charts, worksheet cells and the ability to display pictures, its environment is "off the shelf" ready for dashboard creation which means you save tons of money and time in their development. From simple displays that tie worksheet formulas into pictures displaying the "big picture", to powerful VBA macros creating technical drawings from drawing shapes, Excel's ability to be turned into a dashboard quickly is unsurpassed.

EMAGENIT has 24+ years in creating these displays in Excel for the likes of NASA, Caterpillar and BMW and our Excel consulting can take your Excel tools and enhance them with industry grade dashboards that will dazzle your customers.

Excel VBA Budget Dashboard Consulting

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In the sample Excel worksheet above, a dashboard presents actual and budgeted costs in a simple column chart format. The dashboard uses no VBA but instead is constructed from a PivotTable and uses the slicer control to change its view. The dashboard also uses formulas and Conditional Formatting logic to color the cells in tables above the chart red if the project is over cost. The PivotTable for the chart is connected to an Access database and can be refreshed with new data. While we talk a lot about Excel VBA on this page, sometimes our Excel consulting just uses standard Excel features that a company's employees can easily manage once built.

Microsoft Excel Consulting for Models

Create powerful models that do the impossible.

Microsoft Excel coupled with VBA has modeling capabilities that rival any modeling package on the market today. When the CEO of EMAGENIT began engineering years back, he modeled supersonic jet aircraft in conceptual aircraft design using nothing more than basic formulas, TRUE/FALSE and charts. He did not even know about most worksheet functions at that time and still accomplished the task.

Using Excel's formula capability from simple formulas that use worksheet functions and names to complex adaptable array formulas that analyze 50,000 rows of data, amazing models of all sorts can be constructed that are easy to maintain and upgrade if you know the trick to putting them together, we do.

If Excel VBA is brought into the mix, powerful custom worksheet functions can be built that run thousands of line of computer code from a single cell. This allows high powered numerical methods to be employed early and verified programs written in other languages to be tied into your model on the worksheet. A big deal on the engineering and science side. VBA can also be used to manage the model itself adjusting names, ranges, formula fills and uploading and downloading model information. It can also be used to manage inputs and monitor outputs. Last it can also be used for batch processing and trade studies automating tools like Solver.

EMAGENIT Excel consulting can take your Excel model and supercharge its abilities, look at what we did for NASA and the Mars Rover >.

Excel VBA Model Consulting

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In the sample Excel tool above, Excel VBA is being used to control dialog boxes that set a model's parameters. EMAGENIT uses this arrangement in models when there is limited worksheet area. The model itself uses finite difference methods to find the temperature distribution of a shaft's surface from a burr while rotating. Forgetting the math for a minute, the interesting thing here is it uses Fortran to solve the temperature distribution while Excel VBA is used to pass information to and from the Fortran program. Fortran is much faster than VBA and better equipped to handle the finite difference math. EMAGENIT produces hybrid models like this one for the likes of NASA and Caterpillar.
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