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Case-It Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Clean and replace unwanted text characters in your worksheet data.

Case-It allows you to rapidly change the case of your text of your worksheet data at the click of a button. It also quickly removes unwanted spaces and non-printable ASCII characters from your text which cause errors in Microsft Excel's data tools and formulas on the Excel worksheet.

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About Our Case-It Add-In for Microsoft Excel

New Excel Add-In

Version: 9.0
Excel Versions:
2007 and Above
Windows Version: 7.0 and Above
Status: Coming Soon

A data processing problem faced by many Microsoft Excel users today is that worksheet information comes in with messed up word casing, spaces and weird characters. This can effect your formula logic, Microsoft Excel macros or other programs that must read these sheets. Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Case-IT allows you to simply convert cell text on a Microsoft Excel worksheet to:

  1. Upper Case
  2. Lower Case
  3. Sentence Case
  4. Title Case

Case-IT works by you selecting the cells you want to convert, then simply selecting upper case, lower case, sentence case or title case. You can also quickly convert text with unwanted spaces and unprintable characters which cause errors in lookup and match operations on the Microsoft Excel worksheet. Case-IT uses our active cell technology. This means you can launch Case-IT, leave it open and maneuver around in Microsoft Excel without closing it. Case-IT is viewed as a floating dialog box, not a Ribbon tab, which means it follows you around the screen and avoids the annoying Ribbon trip to activate its features. Case-IT is also smart and allows you to save multiple tool configurations allowing you to rapidly reconfigure the tool based upon the worksheet that you are currently working on.

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