Excel Add-In Activation/Deactivation Instructions

Excel Add-In Activation/Deactivation Instructions

Excel Add-In Activation/Deactivation Instructions

Download and installation instructions for all of our Excel add-ins.

Presented below are the instructions for downloading and installing our version 9.0 Microsoft Excel add-ins. Our Excel add-ins are designed for Windows 7 and above and Excel versions 2007 and above.

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Where Can You Download Our Add-Ins?

The only authorized place to download our software from is our site. Never trust any download from another website unless we post the website name right here in this section that they can carry our software.

How are Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Downloaded?

Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins are downloaded as a .zip file. This is to avoid any potential security conflicts on your computer and also to give you an actual copy of the software so you can transport it from computer to computer. You only need one copy to put it on say 10 computers. Each version will need its own license or you can contact EMAGENIT where we can provide one with a corporate license. Our phone # is at the top of the page.

Free Trial Period

Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins automatically come with a free 10 day trial period. After that time you will need to purchase a license from EMAGENIT. To activate the trial period, you will need a connection to the internet to start it, but you will not be asked for an email, name or any other such information.

.Net Framework

Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins use the latest .Net Framework. This should automatically download from Microsoft with your Windows updates so you should not have to do anything here. If you have trouble running the installer or software or you get a Framework message, manually run Windows update on your computer or go to Microsoft.com and download the latest .Net Framework manually.

Microsoft Excel Add-In Download Instructions

  1. To install any of our Add-Ins, you must have administrator privileges on your computer. If you are in an office setting, you may have to request it from your IT department. If you are on your personal home computer, you should have it by default.
  2. Click on the Download button to the right of the purchase button on the Excel Add-In home page from which you wish to download.
    Download Button
  3. Depending upon your browser, you may be prompted at the bottom of the browser screen or via dialog box to save the file or it will automatically download and be saved to the default download folder for the browser. If it prompts you to open as well as save, do not open it at this point just save it. You can figure out the default download folder for a browser by generally going into the browser settings and looking around. Most browsers default folder is the Downloads folder in Windows. The following three pictures demonstrate what it looks like once the Download button has been clicked in Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you are given a choice, you can save it to any folder you like.
    Zip File Google Download
    Zip File Fire Fox Download
    Zip File Microsoft Edge Download

Microsoft Excel Add-In Installation Instructions

  1. To install the add-in, first open the zip file just downloaded in Windows. Some browsers will give you the ability to open the downloaded zip file directly at the bottom of their browser window like Google and Microsoft Edge after downloading. In Google it will be represented by an icon, like a square with the name of the file in the center or as an Open Folder button in Microsoft Edge. If you do not see an icon or button at the bottom of your browser after saving, then proceed to the default download folder and double click on the zip file. It will be named after the Microsoft Excel Add-In it represents and will be one word like TimeStamp.zip. The following pictures represent the icon at the bottom of Google Chrome, buttons at the bottom of Microsoft Edge and the Download folder in Windows 10 if you have to go find it.
    Zip File Google Icon
    Zip File Microsoft Edge Buttons
    Windows Folder Zip FIle
  2. Once the .zip file is open, double left-mouse click on the file with the name of the Add-In and Setup in it as pictured below. For example, Time Stamp Setup. The extension of the file will be .msi if you can see it. Do not double click the file with only Setup in the name. This file will have an .exe extension.
    Windows Folder Installer .msi
  3. Once the file is double clicked, you might get a protection screen saying Windows will not let the program run as presented in the first picture below. If you do not see a Run button on the screen, look for something like More Info and click it (Windows version dependent). The Run button will appear. Click it to run the program as presented in the second picture below. All the program is doing is registering  a VB.Net class library with Windows, it is not harmful in any way to your system.
    Windows Security
    Windows Security Prompt Run
  4. After you get past any Windows protection features, you will encounter the first screen of the setup as pictured below. Just click the Next button to advance.
    First Screen Installer
  5. On the next screen, you can choose what folder to install the program in on your computer by clicking the Browse button or just use the default folder already selected (recommended). You can also select to install it just for your login or everybody that uses the computer. If it is a single user computer, just leave its default selection. Click the Next button to advance as pictured below.
    Second Screen Installer
  6. On the next screen, just click the Next button to begin installation as presented in the first picture below. After clicking the Next button, Windows will prompt you to allow changes with a yellow dialog box, if may take a few seconds to appear, answer Yes. After the installation is complete, close the installer as presented in the second picture below.
    Confirm Screen Installer
    Close Screen Installer
  7. The next thing to do is to activate the software.

Removing an Add-In from Windows

  1. To remove an add-in, first shut down Excel.
  2. In Windows, activate Add/Remove Programs. This screen can be viewed by typing Add and Remove Programs in the Windows Run box (Start Menu Windows 7) or Cortana box.
  3. Find the name of the add-in (Time Stamp for example) in the listings, right mouse click over the title and click Uninstall. In some versions, just click on the title and you will see the uninstall button.(may vary slightly based on your Windows version).
  4. Answer Yes to any questions that are posed.
  5. If you were auto loading the add-in when Excel opened, the next time you open Excel it will flag you that the add-in cannot be found. Just click OK. In Excel 2010 and above, select File/Options. In Excel 2007, click the Office button (big ugly blue circle button) then Excel Options. Select the Add-Ins tab on the dialog box. Click the GO button at the bottom of the screen. On the Add-Ins dialog box, uncheck the add-in name. Answer Yes when it prompts you to delete the add-in from the list. Click the OK button to complete the process.
  6. If installing a new version of the add-in, follow the install procedure discussed above. Note that you do not have to go through the activation sequence if it is an updated version.
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