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About Our Excel Classes

Unique Excel training that will show you what Excel can really do!  Industry driven, hands-on Excel classes that will show you how to work smarter, not harder in Excel.

  • Hands-On training
  • Limited class sizes
  • Bring your own Excel problems
  • Taught by experienced Excel software developers
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Why choose us?

Simple, our classes can take you from the Excel "basics" all the way to the creation of the most sophisticated Excel VBA projects you can dream up. We can cover it all because we have 24 years worth of Excel training and software design experience. Our Excel classes are never "canned" and each Excel class we run is adjusted to the needs of our customers. None of our classes are ever the same! Read below and see how we can help you supercharge your Excel skills.


Why Take Our Classes?


What makes our Excel classes different.

  • Our Excel classes are always taught hands-on by an experienced Excel software developer.
  • We discuss Excel details that other training companies just never explain.
  • The kind of details that come from using Excel to build real world software solutions >.
  • We think on our feet in our training and adapt it to our attendees needs; we do not use a manual in class.
  • We work on your problems in class and tie them back to our syllabus and manual problems for later research.
Logic Formula Construction
Our Excel classes cover things like rapid formula construction, worksheet functions, and how to layout your Excel problems. In the example above, IF functions and logic are being used to display payments in different worksheet columns based on # of days over.
Excel Form Construction
We cover data processing and reporting topics in every one of our Excel classes. In the example above, Microsoft Query is being used to import, build, and filter a report so it can be updated at the click of a button.

Class Topics


Our classes cover everything Excel.

  • Our Excel classes range from beginning Excel to advanced Excel VBA macros.
  • Each class is geared towards what you will need to solve problems fast.
  • You will discover even our most basic Excel classes will have material you have not seen before.
  • Everyone one of our classes covers data processing and reporting in some aspect.

Industry Skills


We'll give you the Excel skills needed to succeed in today's workplace.

  • The knowledge conveyed in our Excel classes comes not only from training, but from solving tough industry problems over the years.
  • We'll help you build things like adaptive formulas, charts, and reports that react to changing data.
  • Our classes will show you how to organize your models and data, build tables, and pass information around a workbook effortlessly.
  • We'll show you how to use tools like Power Query to automatically import, filter, and parse those weekly data downloads.
Dashboard Gage Construction
We teach you how to build tools in Excel that adapt to changing data. In the example above, charts, shapes, Conditional Formatting, and external data linking / refreshing are used to build data gauges that update every 5 minutes.
Excel Combine Excel Features
We'll show you how to use Excel in new ways to solve your problems. In the example above, a display has been built using simple VLOOKUP formulas, Conditional Formatting, and dynamic pictures (trucks change) to flag a vehicle when service is due.

New Ways to Use Excel


We'll show you how to use Excel like a tinker toy set to solve your problems.

  • In our Excel classes, we discuss how to assemble and use Excel elements in very unique ways to solve your tough problems.
  • We do this right out of the gate starting with our beginning Excel class.
  • Our classes will show you new approaches, tricks, and construction techniques in Excel.
  • We'll also show you the solution strategies that will help you tie everything together.

All Types of Math


We can show you how to perform simple to complex calculations in Excel.

  • Our classes cover all types of math problems in our Excel classes.
  • We'll show you how to use formulas and functions to calculate your problems.
  • We'll show you how to build complex calculations, numerical techniques, and use Solver on the worksheet as well.
  • EMAGENIT was founded by an engineer so we enjoy math problems of all types.
  • From practical Excel solutions to the advanced math, we'll cover you.
Advanced Engineering and Science Problems and Formulas.
We teach math problems of all different levels in our Excel classes. In the example above, the performance of a simple ideal ram jet is being calculated using formulas, functions, and spreadsheet layout.
Excel VBA Design
VBA for all skill levels. In the example above, Excel VBA is used to scan and find data in 100's of workbooks, build the 2 week calendar, and update the projects due in less than 2 weeks. A userform also displays if a workbook has an error and its current update status.

Excel VBA Macros


We have been using Excel VBA to solve industry problems since 1998.

  • We cover how to use Excel VBA to make your company more productive.
  • Our Excel VBA classes cover every aspect of the language, modules, and VBA Editor.
  • We'll show you how to automate those repetitive, multi-step tasks, that eat up your valuable time.
  • We'll show you how to data mine those workbooks, text files, and databases and integrate the data.
  • Our classes will also show you how to build those amazing apps that save your company money.
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