Time Saving Microsoft Excel Productivity Add-Ins

Microsoft Excel Productivity Add-Ins

Saving you from the repetitive Excel tasks that cost you valuable time and effort.

  Our Excel add-ins are designed to quickly solve common problems faced in today's workplace.

About our add-ins.

EMAGENIT Excel Add-Ins are designed to integrate with Excel in their own Ribbon tab. They tackle everyday tasks like automatically entering dates and times, merging data, deleting columns, comparing tables, and cleaning data. They work on any open worksheet with just a few clicks.

Time Stamp Excel Add-In

Time Stamp for Excel

When logging information on a worksheet, one the of the many tasks faced by an Excel user is to log in the date and/or time in a specific cell around the entry after they have finished typing. Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Time Stamp does that job for you and allows you to quickly insert a date and/or time in a designated worksheet cell without using formulas or pressing shortcut keys.

Table Compare Excel Add-In

Table Compare Excel Add-In

A common Microsoft Excel task to perform in the workplace today is to compare two worksheet tables to see what is different. Our Table Compare Microsoft Excel Add-In does just that allowing you to rapidly compare data in two Microsoft Excel worksheet tables. The worksheet tables being compared can be of any size, on the same worksheet, on separate worksheets or in separate workbooks.

Excel-Aided Engineering and Science

Quick Save Excel Add-In

Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Quick Save allows you to rapidly save a single workbook or multiple workbooks to the same folder at the click of a button. Quick Save remembers the folder you last saved to allowing repeated saving even though you may have explored other folders in Excel. It also comes with a prefix or suffix feature which allows you to add text to an existing workbook name automatically before saving it.

Data Cleaner Excel Add-In

Data Cleaner Excel Add-In

One of the most difficult data processing problems faced by Microsoft Excel users today is that worksheet information comes in corrupted. Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Data Cleaner helps you with this problem allowing you to search through data in a worksheet replacing specific characters in worksheet cells or deleting them rapidly.

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Merge-IT Excel Add-In

Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Merge-IT allows you to select data arranged in columns or rows on a worksheet and merge the information into a single or multiple cells. Merge-IT allows the merged data to be output to the worksheet containing the data or any other worksheet that is open. Merge-IT also allows you to insert any type of data separator between the worksheet data that you are merging.

Convert-It Excel Add-In

Convert-IT Excel Add-In

Many times when using worksheets, simple conversions are needed for columns of data. Our Convert-IT Excel add-in allows you to select multiple ranges of Excel worksheet data then perform math or text concatenation operations quickly. Convert-IT allows you to perform simple math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division or type a worksheet like custom formula to perform complex math or concatenation operations on your data. When outputting your results, Convert-IT allows you to overwrite your selected cells, output to a new worksheet range or combine existing formulas with the Convert-IT math operations being performed.

Find-It Excel Add-In

Find-IT Excel Add-In

Our Find-IT Excel add-in is a search application that finds a specified value in worksheet formulas, cell values and cell comments. It also finds workbook and worksheet level range names. Find-IT has the capability to search all open workbooks at once, selected open workbooks, the active worksheet or selected worksheets in the active workbook. It also has the capability to search for multiple values by selecting a worksheet range, a great time saver. Once the search value or name has been located, Find-IT logs and displays it in a list, then has the power to jump you directly to the data or name, replace the information and even flag it.

Columns Excel Add-In

Columns Excel Add-In

One of the most time consuming and boring tasks for Microsoft Excel users to perform is to constantly rearrange columns of data in a worksheet table when they get a report. Our Column Mover Microsoft Excel Add-In does this for you automatically allowing you to control entire columns in a table at the click of a button.

Case-It Excel Add-In

Case-IT Add-In

A data processing problem faced by many Microsoft Excel users today is that worksheet information comes in with messed up word casing, spaces, and weird characters. This can effect your formula logic, Microsoft Excel macros, or other programs that must read these sheets. Our Microsoft Excel Add-In Case-IT allows you to simply convert cell text to different cases, remove extra spaces, and delete non printable ASCII's.

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