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Excel Training Options

Our Microsoft Excel training starts where other Excel classes end.

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Free Repeats
Repeat your Excel workshop with us for an entire year for free.
Free Repeats
NASA Project
See how we helped NASA with the Mars Rover using Excel.
We provide discounts to active / retired US Military and DOD.
View our customers like Apple, Boeing, and the US Army.

Microsoft Excel In-Person Public Training

Our Excel and Excel VBA public training can be attended in person or live virtually and covers both Excel and Excel VBA topics for Windows and Mac. In our training, you will learn "hands-on" step-by-step from an experienced Excel developer.

All of our public training has attendee limits so we can concentrate on your specific Excel problems in class. We can supply Windows computers for your use but we do not supply Macs. Consult our Training Schedule and Signup > page for our in-person public training dates. Learn More >

In-Person Excel Public Training

Microsoft Excel Company Onsite Training

Our Excel and Excel VBA company onsite classes feature "hands-on" training custom designed to fit your company’s specific Excel problems. We can take our Excel classes and mix and match their topics to create a custom teaching solution. We can also cover other Excel and Office topics not found in our classes, just let us know what you need.

We offer our in-person onsite training for the United States and Canada and can broadcast our onsites virtually around the world at anytime. EMAGENIT can supply Windows computers for our in-person onsite training. Learn More >

Onsite Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Virtual Learning Classes

Our Excel and Excel VBA virtual classes are broadcast live, are voice interactive, and hands-on which means you are interacting with a real instructor and talking to them, not watching a video. We can train you at your company desk, home, or in a company meeting room. We simulcast our in-person public workshops virtually or can train your company exclusively. Learn More >

Excel Virtual Learning

Microsoft Excel Training for the US Military

EMAGENIT's training mission for the US Military is to provide innovative, cost effective, Microsoft Excel training that enables those organizations to rapidly create tools in Excel that are scalable, adaptable, and rapidly upgradeable. Learn More >

Excel US Military Training

Microsoft Excel Self-Study Manuals

Our self-study manuals contain extensive Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA knowledge based on our 23+ years of training, consulting, and industry software design experiences. They contain not only how-to-do information, but also practical application and design strategies as well. Best of all, you can deduct the cost of the manual if you attend one of our public workshops in-person or virtually. Learn More >

Excel Self-Study

Microsoft Excel for Mac Training

Mac users are always welcome in all EMAGENIT Excel classes. We provide Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training services for Mac. We also provide Excel software design and consulting services for the Mac. Learn More >

Excel Training US Military
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