EMAGENIT Social Media Listings

EMAGENIT Social Media Listings

EMAGENIT Social Media Listings

EMAGENIT has landed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We use our social media pages to throw out useful Excel tips, special events, discounts and helpful Excel articles. We also use them to let you know our next available Excel classes and to send out discounts to our followers.

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A Little About EMAGENIT

Since 1998, EMAGENIT has been providing cutting edge training and software solutions in Microsoft Excel for business, engineering and science. Whether it is basic formula design, using worksheet functions like VLOOKUP, formatting, data mining, large scale report generation, creating high tech models or creating interactive dashboards, we do anything you can think of in Microsoft Excel. Our diverse background in all industries is a tremendous bonus as we are able to mesh the two worlds together applying high tech training and software solutions we have learned from all areas to a customer's specifc needs. You can follow EMAGENIT on the social media sites listed below.

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