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Microsoft Excel Training for Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard and Ventura, CA

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Our "hands-on" Microsoft Excel training focuses on problems that you will face at your workplace.

EMAGENIT has been providing Microsoft Excel training for companies and persons in the greater Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura, CA and Santa Barbara, CA areas since 1998. Our Excel training workshops cover from beginning Excel training to advanced Excel training including Excel VBA macro topics. Let us show you how to save time and effort in your important Microsoft Excel tasks as we have done for companies like Apple, Lockheed and Caterpillar. All of our workshops are "hands-on", are adjusted to our customers needs, come with a 1800+ page manual, Free Repeats and cover all versions of Excel including Excel for Mac.

About Our Microsoft Excel Training

Why Select Our Microsoft Excel Training?

Not Your Ordinary Microsoft Excel Training

  • We have been providing Microsoft Excel training in the Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, CA areas since 1998.
  • Our Microsoft Excel training is designed around the real world problems you face in your everyday work.
  • EMAGENIT develops software in Microsoft Excel for the government and private industry so we "do" what we teach.
  • All of our instructors develop software in Microsoft Excel and train so you get practical experience and real world solutions in your training that actually work.
  • We have taught our classes over 1000 times for companies like BMW, Anthem, General Dynamics and NASA, all current customers, so we know the problems out there and how to apply Microsoft Excel towards them.
  • Our workshops are never taught from a standard "canned" outline or from following a manual in class in class.
  • We tailor the Excel training experience to those who are in attendance and trainin around your problems applying them to our outline.
  • No two of our Microsoft Excel training sessions are ever the same.
  • We answer personal Excel questions in class.

Live Webinar Training

Take the Training Live Over the Web

Excel Webinar Details
  • Our live "hands-on" Excel webinars allow us to train yourself or your company via the internet anywhere in the world.
  • We use GoTo Meeting to broadcast our Excel training webinars live.
  • During the broadcast, you see our instructor's computer and he can see yours with permission.
  • You can talk to the instructor live over your computer, via Skype or via phone.
  • To use GoTo Meeting, just perform a simple download to your computer. The software does not usually violate security or anti-virus software (always exceptions).
  • You can sign up for the webinar version on the Training Schedule page where you signup for the public training.

Excel VBA Macro Training

Learn the Power of Excel VBA Macros

In addition to the general Excel training on this page, EMAGENIT also has workshops that teach from beginning to advanced Excel VBA macros. These classes stress real life software design in the areas of data processing, data visualization, report generation, modeling and dashboard construction. They are based on our over 17 years of experience developing software for companies like Caterpillar and NASA. To learn more about these classes and their dates, please click the hyperlinks below.

Beginning Microsoft Excel Training
for Business Professionals

Beginning Excel Business
Free Repeats Outline

Our beginning Excel training shows you the essential Excel skills like copying, pasting, typing data, basic formulas and formatting that are vital in your everyday business activities.

Our 1-day "hands-on" beginning Excel training shows you the fundamentals of using Excel like entering data, formatting and arranging worksheets, basic charts, printing, copying and pasting, basic formula construction, auto summing and more. It not only teaches you the basics of Microsoft Excel but the thinking and mechanics of how to apply it to your everyday problems and the future.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training
for Business Professionals

Intermediate Excel Business
Free Repeats Outline

Our Intermediate Excel training shows you the basics of analyzing business information using functions like VLOOKUP and SUMIF, how to control it using conditional formatting and data validation, and how to use Excel's extensive array of data tools to view it.

Our 1-day "hands-on" intermediate Excel training shows you the necessary Excel skills that apply to analyzing basic business information. Topics include building formulas, using worksheet functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF, COUNTIF and IF; linking and managing worksheet information; organizing and analyzing worksheet data with Excel's data tools; building professional charts; building basic Pivot Tables; cleaning worksheet text; and linking Excel to other programs like Word and PowerPoint. It is everything you need to be productive in Excel.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
for Business Professionals

Advanced Excel Business
Free Repeats Outline

Our advanced Excel training shows you how to use advanced formulas and logic, ActiveX controls, Excel's visual tools, pivot tables and database features to create powerful data analysis tools and visual displays.

Our 1-day "hands-on" advanced Excel training shows you advanced Excel skills that apply to creating smart adaptive Excel business tools. Our training focuses on creating Excel analysis and data processing tools using advanced formulas, worksheet functions, logic, ActiveX controls, conditional formatting, data validation, Pivot Tables, MS Query and charts. Our workshop discusses the advanced aspects of these elements and how to assemble them in high-tech ways. Our workshop also stresses how to create the advanced logic that allows these tools to operate autonomously and adapt to changing data. It also provides an introduction to macros (VBA).

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
for Engineers & Scientists

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Engineering Science
Free Repeats Outline

Our advanced Microsoft Excel training shows you how to design advanced data processing tools using advanced formulas and logic, Excel's data tools, Excel's visual components, ActiveX controls and custom designed VBA worksheet functions that run from the worksheet.

Microsoft Excel is the premiere data processing tool when it comes to crunching data. It's advanced formulas, dashboard displays and its data integration capabilities allows engineers and scientists to construct powerful data processing tools rapidly and cheaply. Let's face it, almost all data processing problems eventually end up in Excel. Every data processing program worth its weight dumps its data into a workbook therefore knowing how to make data tools in Excel becomes an essential skill for any engineer or scientist to learn. Our 1-day "hands-on" Excel data processing training shows you how to create smart adaptive data formulas; use advanced data tools like Pivot Tables and MS Query; learn basic macros that process data; and use advanced formulas and Excel display features to create powerful data processing dashboards. Available Public Seminar and Live Webinar and as always Free Repeats.

Microsoft Excel Dashboards Training
for Combined Audience

Microsoft Excel Dashboards
Free Repeats Outline

Our Excel dashboard training shows you how to assemble high end dashboards that will rival anything on the market from advanced formulas and logic, adaptive names, ActiveX controls, charts, pivot tables, Excel's visual features and graphics.

Our 3-day "hands-on" Excel Dashboards training shows you the complete mechanics of how to create advanced Microsoft Excel dashboards. The dashboard types covered include various status displays, project management displays, time lines, chart gauges, various summary style charts, various maps, color coding worksheets, pivot charts and any other dashboard you can dream up. It shows how to use all of Microsoft Excel's capabilities to construct these sophisticated dashboards and most importantly how to assemble them. It also demonstrates how to build custom worksheet functions using VBA which provide the ultimate formula construction. Training Outline

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