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Microsoft Excel VBA User Defined Functions (UDF)
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Microsoft Excel VBA Functions Training | Excel VBA User Defined Function (UDF) Training
Onsite Only

Learn how to build custom Microsoft Excel VBA functions (user defined worksheet functions) that can solve your most difficult analysis and data processing tasks.

Our 2-day "hands-on" Microsoft Excel VBA functions training shows you how to develop your own custom user defined worksheet functions using Visual Basic for Applications or VBA. VBA user defined worksheet functions (UDF's) can be used to replace multiple worksheet formulas on the worksheet that take up space and file size streamlining their use. They can also do advanced tasks like numerical analysis, interfacing with different computer languages and looping logic for data processing that regular formulas just cannot do. From data processing to advanced modeling, they are the ultimate calculation tool to learn how to build. Excel for Mac users welcome.

Key Microsoft Excel VBA Function Training Skills You'll Learn

Key Microsoft Excel VBA Function Training Skills You'll Learn
  • What is VBA?
  • Full VBA language review including Editor and debugging
  • Excel VBA function syntax review
  • How to design an argument list for your Excel VBA functions
  • How to use Microsoft Excel's built-in worksheet functions in your Excel VBA functions
  • How to return single and multiple values (arrays) from VBA functions
  • How to run user defined worksheet functions (UDF) from your worksheet formulas
  • How to create a custom worksheet function (UDF) that uses worksheet ranges
  • How to create a function that loops over and over again
  • How to create function libraries for mass distribution to your customers

Who Should Take This Excel VBA UDF Training

Who Should Take This Excel VBA UDF Training

Select this workshop if you or your group have:

  • Have never programmed or just used the macro recorder
  • Have built formulas and know how to name cells
  • Formatted worksheets and know Excel's formatting capabilities
  • Have used Excel's worksheet functions like SUMIF, COUNTIF, MATCH..
  • Have a desire to build the most advanced calculation tools in Excel

Microsoft Excel VBA Function Training Workshop Outline

Important: We focus our training on what our customers need. This workshop can be taught many different ways focusing on basically any Excel topic. Below is a rough outline with some of the more popular topics for the workshop. We will custom design the workshop around your needs.


Free Repeats Policy
  • Full VBA Editor review including how to debug your programs
  • Full Excel VBA language review including variables, loops, logic, arrays, data types and procedure types
  • How to take your decisions and create logic in your VBA function procedures
  • How to construct the VBA function statement in your VBA code
  • How to design an Excel VBA function argument list, their naming conventions and data types
  • How to design the inner workings of an Excel VBA function and UDF, what is the difference
  • How to run your custom Excel VBA functions from a worksheet cell
  • How to run your custom Excel VBA functions from other VBA procedures
  • How to use built-in VBA and Microsoft Excel Worksheet functions in your custom Excel VBA functions
  • How to use Microsoft Excel worksheet ranges in your User Defined Worksheet Functions (UDF) and Excel VBA functions
  • How to return multiple values (arrays) from Excel VBA functions


  • How to create Excel VBA functions that perform data processing
  • How to create advanced modeling VBA UDF's that incorporate numerical analysis routines, advanced equations...
  • Overview of how to communicate with other programming languages in your Excel VBA UDF's
  • How to link to other programs in your Excel VBA functions
  • Overview of Microsoft Excel Add-Ins and how they can be used to package your Excel VBA UDF's
  • How to construct, package and distribute function libraries via Microsoft Excel Add-Ins

Additional Information

Additional Microsoft Excel VBA UDF Training Information

  • Duration: 2-days
  • Our workshops cover Excel versions 2007-2016 including Excel for Mac and discuss differences when necessary.

Included in Our Microsoft Excel VBA Function Training

  • Free Repeats
  • 1800+ page manual filled with key Excel strategies, examples and tips
  • Hands-on training
  • Personal questions answered

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